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Define your project. Outline your needs, technical skills you’re looking for and your desired starting point.


Knowing our partners well we send your inquiry to only the ones that match your criteria and hire desired specialists.


Profiles you get refer directly to your inquiry and are always filled in response to it.


All profiles are unified and easy to compare. Each time we create a scoring ratio based only on your requirements. Matching criteria are designed only by you when you fill out the inquiry form.

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Become Grenade HUB member to take advantage on what we've built. We have created a unique tool that will allow you to manage the entire process consisting in the recruitment of your new contractors. You won’t have to worry anymore about what is going on with your inquiry. As our subscriber you'll have access to detailed reports. You’ll see how many software houses your inquiry was sent to, how many of our partners are interested in responding, and you’ll have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with all offers sent in. You get a list of candidates ready to jump in to your project right when you need. Every offer is designed in a way allowing you to compare it to the other ones, and each of them refers directly to your inquiry in a match ratio expressed as percentage. Matching criteria are designed only by you when you fill out the inquiry form. That's why we encourage our clients to focus on this first step the most.

Software Houses

We make up a network of the best software houses from Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, our cluster consists over 900 partners. We scan the market of small and big IT businesses every day. Invitation to cooperate is sent only to the companies that do best in our internal quality audit. The criteria we look at include their expertise and projects completed. Also, we verify references and in the end, we interview the team. The procedure ensures that we know who to send your enquiry to.


Our partners employ a total of 30 thousand programmers, which makes us Europe’s largest base of reliable IT specialists, whom you won’t find elsewhere. All specialists we offer are employed on a full-time basis with our partners, thanks to which you can be sure that their workplaces are well prepared and effectively managed, thus offering a base comprising knowledge and their co-workers’ support. What's important, the candidate you choose is assigned only to your project.


Thanks to our careful selection of partners, we are capable of delivering to you a programmer specializing in each of 206 technologies available. Regardless of whether you’re interested in state of the art technologies such as Deep Learning’s Convolutional Neural Networks or seek somebody with expertise in the area of a niche language like Haskell, we’ll present to you the right candidates in just 24 hours, ensuring a quality guarantee that’s unique in the market thanks to our in-depth screening of candidates.

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